WINGTIPS was officially formed in 2014 by Vincent Segretario after informally having using the moniker for a number of experimental solo performances.  In 2015, they self-released Ultravision – a collection of demos recorded at home.  The title track from Ultravision, was featured in the TBS television series, Search Party.

2016’s EP, Greyarea, was an androgynous sound of transition – an interpolation of shimmering, angular guitar and pulsating EBM. The EP sharpened their anthemic rush with an increased penchant for melody and atmosphere, equally informed by post-punk and sweeping electronica. On Greyarea, Hannah Avalon moved from live member to creative collaborator, contributing to the ethereal come up of “Glass" and the ecstatic lullaby of closer, “Wading." Prior to WINGTIPS, Segretario and Avalon worked together in projects ranging from anarcho-punk bands to musical theater, and their language has remained fluent across that entire gamut. Since the release of that EP, WINGTIPS have shared stages with Front 242, Zola Jesus, Martial Canterel and  many others.

WINGTIPS' new single, “Relativity“, recently premiered on, who declared it their finest song to date. It’s the culmination of everything they have worked towards so far – a perfect summer dream anthem for all the outsiders. Their debut full length will arrive in 2019.