Semaphore Consulting

In addition to artist management, Semaphore is pleased to offer a variety of short-term consulting packages. Intro consultations consist of a 60-90 min. intake meeting in order to establish the artist’s history and goals. Ensuing that meeting, we will help you craft an actionable plan, including referrals, and best practice marketing advice, for how to execute your goals and further your project. We are able to advise on nearly any music related topic, both domestically and internationally, including: record labels, recording contracts, self-releasing, publicity, radio, touring, merch, distribution, digital marketing, retail marketing, social media, sync licensing and publishing. We have over forty (40) years combined music industry experience, specializing in independent, underground and alternative music development.

We also offer monthly retainer and project management services for ventures which require a more extended effort. Retainers are available based on timing and our compatibility with the specific project. Prices vary based on the scope of the work.

Consulting and retainer clients below.